Philosophy History

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Not only to the poet, but also to the historian they charge to recoup tears and laughs, disillusions hopes, failures and victories fruit of as the citizens had lived and thought its proper existence, forging exits in the survival, enjoying the joys of solidarity or losing to the weight of 4 adverse forces. For the historian Vavy Pacheco Borges, history is a term with which we live daily since our infancy, that we cannot conceive it as a distant past and deceased, but of form that let us can believe that the historical knowledge can help to explain the reality and to transform the actions human beings who are gifts in our lives today. According to vision of this historian, for better understanding of historical science, we need to leave of the history of History, that is, the first conceptions that involve the misticismo, the religion, that places the plain and second passive man in of the actions of deuses that they are in first plan, a not scientific history, therefore not yet was established the methods of analysis, etc. History based on myths was conceived as a so distant, so remote past and for being delimited a chronological time and the territorial space where the historical process occurred, did not have cientificidade, therefore they did not know when the fact was given. They were mitolgicos and not historical facts.

History alone received the statute from science when the researchers had started to use the word (history) in the inquiry direction and to use as sources of research the documentary registers writings. However, this only happened enters the end of century XVIII and beginning of the XIX. (…) analysis and the criteria procedures critical of the sources, enter the end of century XVIII and beginning of the XIX, that History ahead gained autonomy of the Philosophy and sciences human beings and, in relation to these you finish, demanded fellow creature statute of 5 cientificidade.