Plaka Capital

2018-12-23 - 22:33 | News | Tags: , |

As antiquity and modern times in a city are combined the Greek islands include again the popular holiday destinations of the Germans. Neglected often at a Greece travel: the capital city of Athens. The online travel agency reveals why the Greek capital is worth a visit as well. Probably everybody thinks during a trip to Athens on the Acropolis. But what does the city have? Tourists will find here far more, as apparently is the case. So local tourism companies offer tours along Olympic buildings.

Culture lovers can celebrate the Athens cultural summer and doing work on the Greek charm. In the modern city, brings together symbiotically hectic bustle with Mediterranean serenity. Who in the evening but would like to put to rest, is the real”Athens probably never get to know. As to the lateness of the hour, the capital city of Greece sets off even once properly. Numerous taverns, clubs and bars open their doors for the guests. The streets in Plaka, the old town of Athens, and in the Psiri district fill quickly with people who come together and have to talk all kinds of good Greek food.