Porto Alegre

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Under the effect of the regressive hypnosis we can travel to the past and consequently to return to the future. sleeping, when we suffer some accident during sleep, we dream stops backwards from the .causing fact. I, for example, already dreamed to be fighting with three citizens and when I jumped on one of them I finished falling of the bed and beating violently with the head in the soil. According to science that studies the phenomena of the dream, in these cases the dream happens from the moment where we suffer the impact from the fall and, in a fraction of thousandth of second, all a history is created in our mind, culminating with the final impact and the consequence to awake. This in the mental plan. But forms exist to travel physically in the time: Let us assume that somebody of fusca left Santana of the Release to the 5 hours of the afternoon and is travelling for Porto Alegre, and intends to make 500 for the moment km to a 100 speed of km.

Travelling without stopping, it goes to take 5 hours to arrive at its destination. Leaving the same place, with the same destination and in the same hourly, somebody it travels in a quicker car, to a 150 speed of km/h. That one that travels in the car quickest, if to keep a constant speed, will be in Porto Alegre a little beyond the eight and half one of the night, while of fusca still it will be travelling and just it will arrive there at the ten hours of the night. In the space and the time, one will be in future and the other in the past. Now let us consider the intercontinental trips. Depending on clockwise or the counter-clockwise one, we will travel for the past or the future, going for ocidente (WEST) or the east (EAST). An airplane in direct flight is imagined leaving Rio De Janeiro for Japan and another one at that accurate moment leaving Japan for Rio De Janeiro. Relatively to the movement of rotation of the Land, and to the hourly spindles, one of them it will be travelling for the future and to another one for the past and both they will have of if crossing in the line of the time, understanding itself the point of view of the people who inhabit one and another hemisphere of that ' futuro' for the orientals it is in ocidente and for the occidental people it is in the east. This explains the concepts (or preconceptions) of ' ' velho' ' ' ' novo' ' world, the migrations, and because the Arabs write (and instinctively they prefer to walk) of the right for the left and us of the left for the right. Luciano Axe