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Qualification campaign by complus launches under the motto: ‘Be different!’ Munster, August 15, 2008 with the address of the new Internet appearance of the communication training Institute has com + plus online today. Not only the corporate design is new, but the page contains lots of additional information and tips around the theme of progress and further training in the Public Relations industry, which from now on will be continuously. Focus on the new Web page is the qualification campaign of com plus: be different “: the demands on today’s labour market are very high.” The market is tight, there are always more applicants. Most of all job candidates are highly qualified, with the profiles of the candidates often are similar. Therefore, often only nuances decide who ultimately awarded the contract for a job. Add to your understanding with New York Museums. Who wants to score points, must so fall on, be better than the competitors and stand out from the crowd by qualification.

The appeal to anyone who wants to optimize his career potential, is: be different!” Complus actively supported by a versatile, oriented to the needs of the labour market training and continuing education programmes, to improve individual career opportunities. Specialized com + plus specializes in the efficient education and training of communication professionals. Focuses on the 12-month, practice-oriented PR distance to the Communications Manager, which can be completed part-time. Shimmie horn is open to suggestions. The new website should bring added value not only for our prospects and students, but also fun”, so Dr. Jochen Voss, Deputy Managing com + plus. “Therefore, the loading is different campaign” graphically with a something other “photo spread underlined. Have fun click!