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Two years later, namely April 19, 2000 came a new version of Windows Mobile called Palm-size PC version v2 Rapier. The new version has been changed the user interface. Already October 4, 2001, based on Windows CE 3.0 operating system was released on Pocket PC 2002 Merlin branded Pocket PC. Its purpose was to support PDA without a keyboard, as well as other models of Pocket PC with a screen resolution of QVGA (320×240). It notably included such applications: MSN Messenger, Microsoft Reader, Windows Media Player 8.0, but also included support for WAP, Transcriber, Terminal Server Client.

Next operating system, released on Windows CE 4.20 was released in three variants of June 23, 2003 and had the name Windows Mobile 2003 Ozone. Less than a year later on 24 March in the fight against competitors entered the competitive version of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Ozone Update – Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition or in common – Pocket PC 2003SE, released based on Windows CE 4.21. If we consider the system more, the main additions were the following: 1. Now, the orientation was not vertical, but horizontal. 2. It now supports screen resolution VGA (640×480) and equilateral screen resolution – 240×240 and 480h480.

3. Now you can use the protocol Wi-Fi. More advanced version, called Windows Mobile 5.0 Magneto was published May 10, 2005, it included a number of excellent innovations, namely such applications: Windows Media Player v10, Photo Caller ID, more qualitative support Bluetooth, it possible to connect the keyboard QWERTY, improved edition of Office Mobile, embedded utility ActiveSync 4.0. Next planned version of these mobile operating system: 1. A related site: Shimmie Horn mentions similar findings. Mobile 5.0 Second Edition – Crossbow – second half of 2007. 2. Photon – the second half of 2008. Almost any mobile phone we can see the similarity of the desktop, as we have seen on any computer or laptop under Windows. Complete analogy – like icons, colors, buttons, too the location of all elements, including the familiar Word and Excel with the same characteristics. Outlook also adds a custom with many records. Internet Explorer is also included in this version. Windows Mobile favorably with its competitors multitasking – that is, the ability of the processor under the direction of the operating system or programming environment to perform parallel operation of several programs. Windows Mobile in addition to all of its possibilities ahead main rival in the Symbian OS anti-virus protection, namely, in the best equipment to viral infection. From all the above we can conclude that Windows Mobile was far ahead of functionality of all its competitors.