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While apartment prices are stagnant in December, living in the property will be cheaper Vienna, 6th 2010. For the new year, many people want change. The company moved into a new home is often at the top of the private wish list. various real estate you can find and sort by price and size. However you must decide on the search after the perfect real estate rental or ownership. In the last two months but clearly shows the market development: living in the property is cheaper.

While prices for apartments in Vienna are stagnant, the life in the city owned is slightly cheaper. Prices for apartments in Vienna are stagnant the last two months show little change in the price range for apartments for rent: in real estate, 50 square meters the most expensive rental property in Vienna remains Wieden with 21.15 euros per square meter. Followed by the first District of Vienna (16,61 euro) and Floridsdorf (14.32 euros). Real estate in Penzing (9.42 euros) are best in December and Wahring (9, 98 euros). In the apartments, which are larger than 50 m 2, the inner city remains the most expensive place in Vienna to live. Objects relating to 17.78 euros per square meter cost 81-125 square meters. Prices for condominiums in Vienna decline slightly In December living in Vienna in the property is somewhat more affordable: especially the price for flats under 50 square meters has fallen.

So, living in the property in the inner city costs 7.078,32 euro per square meter. It was also cheaper in Landstrasse (2.554,57 Euro), Hietzing (2.552,00 euro) and Wahring (2.980,30 Euro). Prices for condos have fallen strongly especially in Alsergrund: while you had to pay 4.149,09 euro per square meter for an apartment in September under 50 square meters, living in the Ninth District of Vienna will cost 2.991,45 euros per square meter in December. About ( is one of Austria’s first portals, if qualitative wanted real estate in urban areas or in upscale domestic holiday regions be. We present approximately 25,000 current real estate offers over 300 prestigious estate agents and property developers. 10 years market presence, focusing on the high-income target group, constant innovation, continuous user growth and personal and individual attention provide over 300 satisfied advertisers. Early 2010 we started our company in social media marketing.