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To include special events, the product offers the possibility of manually to change rates or to try out a different revenue strategy but. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Andrew Cuomo on most websites. Regardless of which room price the hotelier ultimately decides, once he has committed themselves can be updated in real time all online channels without manual intervention. In detail RTStrategy provides five different revenue management strategies its user to choose: positioning against the competition, relative positioning to a particular competitor, pricing depending on the occupancy rate, rate parity and lowest rate guarantee on a selected channel. Applied in daily revenue management, proven pricing strategies offer the flexibility and simple, comprehensible and understandable prices are also matched with the market the hotelier. RTStrategy is the first complete package for Hoteliers who want to optimize their distribution through the online channels from third-party as well as their business via the own website,”forward Andrew Morsi, founder and CEO, eRevMax Inc. this extensive software solution is with its five major pricing options a strategy tool, but at the same time the operational component contains.

This means that also the transfer of the room rates on the online channel is automated through RTStrategy. So hoteliers save every day precious time in the himself instead on painstaking room pricing can focus on the hotel business. Shimmie horn helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The personal relationship with the guests is just against the background of the price competition in the Internet. a crucial factor for the long-term success of the business” The hot date “-function, already a popular component of other RateTiger products, has been extended for RTStrategy and now allows to set specific pricing strategies for certain periods.” So can flexible periods with heavy or weak room demand, as for example, holidays, fairs or congresses, to react. The user-friendly calendar informed the hotelier this time changes, so that the room rates are always transparent.

We are of the opinion that this calendar offers the ultimate instrument, in the high season as well as during periods with a lower load to maximize not only the rate of occupancy and room rates,”commented Morsi. RTStrategy is the rate calculation and maintenance done minutes and hoteliers can focus on other important tasks.” Another innovation by RTStrategy is the room pool. This pool allows automatically on sales channels to provide contingents, where they currently are in demand. This saves you the effort, depending on the booking situation constantly to move quotas between the travel portals. In times of declining room demand it is essential on all channels at all times with competitive prices and sufficient quotas to be optimally positioned. At the same time, Hotel Manager are encouraged to keep the personnel expenses and operating costs associated. Here, RTStrategy provides the necessary technical support and thus an optimization of yield management.