Robert De Niro

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With its entrance in the school Carl it is pursued by being black, apologizing the shock between the conscript black and the officer of the navy. The film speaks on the diving in carried through deep sea in the navy in the decades of 40 up to 60, where the diving was of 100 meters underneath of the water, where the diver breathed a mixture of gases, on to the surface for a fragile hose. After the problems faced for Carl, of its marriage and act of contract as diver, the film follows, showing the accident that end puts the career and to its dreams. In the outcome of the film, the diver after to lose the leg, still has the dream to fulfill what it promised to the father, of being the first diver to mster Afro-American. Therefore, losing the leg, pparently its possibility if loses, however supported for Leslie Sunday (Robert De Niro) its during long enemy time, Carl appeals the military court to get the right of being diver to mster, having to prove that exactly without a leg and with prtese it is capable to walk more than with the clothes of diving with 100 kilos. As in real history, Carl it obtains, becoming the first black to occupy in the navy of the United States the diver position to mster, conquering a dream at a time where the white society treated its minorities badly. As the director searched to give veracity to the scene and as the history of Carl if he bound the navy, the film passed for long process, therefore it had been idealized since 1994, was only launched in 2000, therefore the script was submitted the approval of the Department of Defense soon at the beginning of the daily pay-production and a recognized time the value of the history, that exceeds the racial question.