Smooth Skin

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Bikini season kicks off with the arrival of summer! But the unsightly bumps on the skin, extra pounds, earned over the winter that have lost muscle tone … You are upset and just not ready to begin the season of open orders! To the summer was associated only with a smile and a great mood, start preparing for it right now. In your arsenal sufficient funds to meet the hot season in fine form. It only remains to find the right motivation to act and think forgotten rules for the preparation of the body to open season clothing! COSMETICS Do not think that massage and effective means is expensive – professional salon! It is only important to choose the right makeup – the one that really works. Need to rely on effective ingredients and do not forget about the integrated approach. These problems are easily solved funds GUAM.

All the money line against cellulite contain the active substance in algae – a natural component that can effectively cope with the "orange peel" skin. Nutrition Forget the word "diet"! Any restrictions lead to failures and, consequently, to a set of extra pounds. Your diet should be plenty of foods with vitamin C – askorbinki strengthens the walls of blood vessels and thus improves the appearance and skin turgor. In addition, vitamin C prevents the stagnation of lymph in the tissues. Look for it in citrus fruits, Brussels and cabbage.

Add to your daily menu foods rich in phytoestrogens (broccoli, flax seed). These substances help to improve metabolism. FITNESS Do not be afraid of words, introducing himself sweating on a treadmill with aberrant breathing and a desire to escape from the gym forever. To combat cellulite and sagging skin just enough to start to begin to move more. Make it a rule to pass a day at least 5-6 km (not so much that, if you count all movements per day). And of course a few extra steps if you feel that you have eaten too much. Do not be lazy after a hearty lunch or dinner a little walk. Irina EXPERT OPINION, cosmetologist, "To effectively remove cellulite and reduce the volume recommended a course of anti-cellulite seaweed wraps of 10-15 procedures and supporting therapy with anti-cellulite creams GUAM. Start with a moisturizing cleansing scrub GUAM. It effectively removes dead skin cells that produce the skin to the effects of future funds. Then go to the program cold seaweed wraps GUAM. The procedure is easily doable at home and has a powerful anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage and firming action. Help fix the result gellifting which prolongs mask effect and tightens the skin. "