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Inside of this context of confrontation of the daily life, the agricultural worker many times if sees debtor to abandon its native land leaving its family in the ilusria condition of a return with great conquests, thus producing a cycle of generations subordinated to the capitalist conjuncture. Ahead of as many evidences of the precarizao of the work lived deeply for the coal dealers, he can yourself be affirmed that the presented basic estimated one at the beginning of this work was confirmed, therefore the rights of these workers are, in recurrent way, restrained/guarded/occulted/ignored. This reality if configures in diverse expressions of the social matter, object of work of the professional of the Social Service that have, ahead of this picture, a paper important in the taking of conscience of the rights it stops with the citizens, in the perspective of fight for a transformed society, where the citizens can become emancipated autonomous worker and. .