Strengthening Middle Class

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Discounts and percentages to strengthen sales of medium-sized and small enterprises Hattingen, 15.9.08 – Hale Company tele media service, previously known as the Kabelanschlussdienstleister and one of the larger employers in Hale, operates, a nationwide network of town portals recently under the Internet brand. There, local businesses pass on special offers, discounts, and promotions all citizens & citizens of their city. Of course also Hattingen not forget himself and is represented despite low number of inhabitants with an own city portal in the circle of the larger cities. If you have read about jim king already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Think global – act local, so the foreign exchange of Director Ralf Heinzinger. His idea: a nationwide network of cities, a pool of companies that pass the citizens & citizens of their city offers, discounts and special offers on. This goal was through the Internet portal and customers of registered a monthly newsletter to all already after a short time, so that currently additional personnel will be searched. Dayton street does not necessarily agree.

The strategy is clear: through the local and regional focus, strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises in their city, sales increased and reached an inner-city capital. Maximum savings potential offered by attractive discounts, vouchers, offers consumers, on the other hand. An optimal profit for all pages. Now, with its nationwide more than 250 cities, represents a fixed size among Internet users. This is because of the intensive dialogue within the city network between companies, customers and platform operators and the compelling mix of shopping experience, discounts and information about the city. Ralf Heinzinger,: the Germans have become price sensitive. No wonder, when you look at the skyrocketing energy costs. Consumer prices are at the highest level in the last 15 years.

Here is what to spend their money and where there are the best conditions look more accurately. What moves the citizens, is not perceived Inflation. It is real and that becomes clear at the latest at the next look in the purse. Therefore our offer comes at the right time on the market.”