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Abolition of time and introduction of Ganjahressommerzeit on March 25, it is again so far, the clocks are changed and it starts daylight saving time. Since the reintroduction of DST in 1980 in Germany we and all other European countries introduce the clock one hour. The sun sets so an hour later, the days are getting longer. Travel writing is likely to increase your knowledge. And like every year come renewed discussions on to abolish DST. The DST with the argument of energy savings was reintroduced following the oil crisis of 1973. Numerous studies of from different countries in the energy sector, however, also be for quite some time the result, that is the energy saving equal to zero. The main argument of the DST is thus refuted and yet we turn every year twice clockwise.

The problems for humans and animals to stay. Many people suffer from interference requirements of biorhythms, the sleep disturbance changes, concentration fluctuations, loss of appetite, depressed mood or have fluctuations in heart rate result can. It is particularly difficult for infants, children, elderly, people with chronic sleep disturbance changes or organic disease. Messed up, it presents the clock it brings the body clock”or back, Chronobiologists call these State mini jet lag”. It otherwise looks at animals: cows charged the change of milking time according to data of the German farmers Association (DBV) have farmers their animals over several days spread to the new rhythm to get. Similar problems are known from many other animal species, finally you have an internal clock, on which it is to take into account. The time changes are a burden on health for humans and animals and in addition the people economic burden for enterprises and public administrations on the basis of the technical and bureaucratic effort. Will be presented an hour to the watches the end of March, Deutsche Bahn must do so to 120 000 watches in trains and stations, and information systems.