Supervisory Councils Nekrasovskiy

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February 5, 2008 signed a quadripartite agreement on cooperation between the Department of Education of Tver Region, Health Department of the Tver region, Charitable Foundation "Good Start" and Charitable Foundation "Who if not I?". The main objectives of this agreement are: the development of the child at an early age, socialization of orphaned children and their integration into society. The solution of these problems will through joint projects and programs. The first is the creation of a fundamentally new regulatory framework for Supervisory Councils Nekrasovskiy, Zubtsov orphanages and children's home "SPRING" Tver areas selected as pilot sites. New York Museums might disagree with that approach. Activities of the Board of Trustees would greatly contribute to effective targeted support for each pupil, better logistics institutions in general and the introduction of the latest educational and training programs and effective use of charitable aid. Also a priority Stewardship Council is a complex and systematic promotion of family-orphaned children. Secondly, the project "Equal opportunity" aimed at the improvement of hand joinery and the creation of social and living rooms in residential institutions. Third, it is equipped orphanages Tver region lekotekami.

Fourth, since February 2008 launched the project "Distance education" among high school students in orphanages Tver area. Charitable Foundation "Who if not I?" Is the first and only Russian charitable organization providing the opportunity of distance education for orphans and children living in severe situation. Within the project "Distance Education" Children have the opportunity to substantially increase their level of education in all subjects of general school, carry out laboratory work and experiments with the latest software and technologies specifically and efficiently to prepare for the Unified State Exam. By working to attract the best teachers and psychologists conducting communication with children through the video lessons in real time via the Internet. Before the end of the academic year project will prepare for the exams within the system of distance education – 6 graduates from 11 classes of children's homes Tver area. Since September 2008, will oversee the training of up to 25 students of 10-11 grades in all subjects of high school. For gifted children there is the possibility of obtaining a certificate of secondary education state- Moscow High School. Tests of the unified state examination, which the children delivered at the project of the Foundation who, if not I? ", Have legal force and allow you to participate in the contest in any higher educational institution in Russia.