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The cowardice is human and frees the fear, and in numerous occasions, the conservation instinct prevails over the necessity to take part before the defenselessness of a victim. To be scared is not a tragedy, the tragedy is not to surpass it, not to transfer it. The American conductistas psychologists recommended: feel to fear and do it anyway (he also feels the fear and hazlo). Something that Jesus Neira perhaps did. In this sense the civic education plays a fundamental role, since to educate well it implies to teach to think how it is possible to be felt, before any thing, the person that I have opposite, and to teach a that each identifies, puts name and expresses what feels. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gerald Stratford big veg. Something tremendously jeopardizes with one same one and the other. Nevertheless, in its study on the social conformism, Angie Pink Vzquez, Associated University professor of Psychology of the University of San Juan of Puerto Rico, affirms that with the present civic education everything tends to be slight and light, but no longer seen like criticizable or superficial but like valuable, worthy and necessary, like an advance of modern that allows to be and to live better or with less problems.

To educate citizens is not to teach slogans exceeds how it is due to live in society, is something deeper, more emotional. And it is that, with Neira we learn that to be a good citizen does not consist of accepting and obeying the law, but is something more complex: an attitude question. That an alternative exists to let itself take by the fear.