The Average

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With a guaranteed interest rate it takes by 2.25% more than seventeen years to the capital itself paid until then again generated will. Zillmerised tariffs it looks even worse, where in the first three years, consumed mostly the entire savings contribution to cover the closing costs and no cent is invested. A guaranteed interest rate of 2.25% for the even paid a sum of money may be so ever no question. Investors are through providing the so-called guaranteed interest rate of 2.25% and the lack of transparency of actual cost height of the Treaty misled and left in ignorance, what is the actual effective return on the investment. Because the guaranteed interest rate is 0% after seventeen years of actually, before it is even negative. (As opposed to Danny Meyer). Who announces earlier makes a negative business due to cost-related low surrender values. After 30 years, the customer has paid a 36,000 euro itself and there are 42.538 euro available him because the guaranteed interest rate.

Interest income of lean 6.538 euros after 30 years, what corresponds to an effective interest rate of 1.09% per year. It expects an expected average inflation of 2.1% per year, so this kind of a financial investment is a real business of minus 1.01% yield after 30 years p.a.. Benefit from the often quoted bonuses only those who through unchanged save the Treaty from the very beginning until the end come. But few do it. Even with the bonuses after decades of austerity to get currently with capital life insurance only on a relatively manageable effective total interest rate of 5.32% in average. Because after 30 years of savings the customer 86.600,-euro, unless the 6.35% to his Nettosparanteil of 83,-euros per month credited him, which currently exist in the average according to the map report for expired contracts in 2010. Based on over 30 years even paid 36,000 euro, it corresponds to an effective total interest rate of 5.32% p.a.