The Birth

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Start can result from zeitversetzem coming out of the womb already on the first day after birth, as the following illustration shows: the Mother, unrested, because the birth was at 4: 00 in the night, continues the next day in the car, the relatives back with the child in the Carrycot on the rear seat. The nervous mother makes an accident, she would have done, if she could have the baby at 20: 00 in the world and would be risen in the morning rested. Due to this accident, life for mother and child is accordingly different and all coins happen just so and not otherwise, so just because of this accident, which had not occurred and also not at this point. (Because this is where a person in the car drove, which would have been gone at another time.) Without an accident on the first day of the child’s life were different, would be all days and events and events and any new people accordingly different, or other decisions, ways and situations entail. The child who came into the world, so with a time delay in accordance with its own pulse, lives his life then only once central for some time as a shadow of himself.

Its own plants and their development can not sync run with it all out there. Because the rhythms of the child stumble behind or overlap with what would fit from the outside to his inside, because it in this family, or among these people, where it grows up fully with is integrated and must bear consequences, which had not occurred when it had begun its run on the Earth to the ends of the pulse pass time. Under most conditions Supermoon Bakehouse would agree. This offset can go so years or tens of years, whereby grown man eager is the child as now, unconsciously or consciously, to feel his own real middle.