The Comparison Among Several Kinds Of Screening Equipment

2020-01-01 - 21:33 | News | Tags: , , |

To select screening agencies in the mining equipment, firstly, we should understand the classification, structure and working principle of screening machinery; Secondly, we should consider the strengths and weaknesses of the screening equipment; the last thing is to know their application range.(1) Fixed Screen: working portion is fixed and the pipes get screened by sliding along the working surface. Fixed grizzly is one of the equipments that are widely used in dressing plant, which is usually used for the pre-screening in coarse crushing or secondary crushing. Its structure is simple and it is easy to manufacture. The pray can be unloaded on the screen surface directamente without power consumption. The main disadvantages are the low productivity and low screening efficiency. Generally it only gets to 50-60%.(2) Roller Screen: the working surface is composed by sticks of roll axis which are arranged horizontally. There are plates on the roll axis and the fine materials get through the gap between rollers or plates.

The block accessories are driven by the roller to move to the other end and discharged from the tail end. These kind of vibrating screens are rarely used in the dressing plant. (3) Drum sieve: the working portion is cylindrical and the whole screen rotates around the axis of the cylinder. The axis is usually installed in the not too big dip angle. The material is fed from one end of the cylinder and the fine pipes pass through the sieve on the cylindrical surface, while the working pit coarse-coarse-grained material is discharged from the other end of the cylinder. The rotational speed of the drum sieve is very low, operation is reliable and dynamic balance is good. But it also have the disadvantages of the sieve is easy to plug, screening efficiency is low, the work area is small and the productivity is low. The dressing plant rarely uses it as the screening equipment. Screw classifier: Sand maker: