The Landscape

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It is cliente of that the verbal language the vision is on, whereas our thought is tied with the sounds, as much that we do not obtain to think about that it does not have name. The text that, however is stopped, can suddenly jump ahead of our eyes and making thus has the power to change our feelings moving the rhythm of our heart. But of that it supports its proper distinction. Sossegada in same But ready itself for the jump. To the times moderate and dumb, but present. So constant gift and In its exactness That arrives to be a field As excessively.

arrives to be only number Without form and distinction, Or any vegetable Between other vegetables, Or simple indifferent Planted building In the center of the city. To a comparison of the poem with the landscape. If what it composes the landscape are the vegetables, in the same way, what it composes the poem are the words. A poem is not made of ideas, a poem is made of words. Having an interaction of the words a perceivable image is formed and the images appear to the eye as something of firm, of consistent. The theory of the form it teaches that the image tends, for us, to the almost-substance, sediment state dispatches by post in the space of the perception, identical same itself.

We believe to fix the imaginary one of a picture, a poem, a romance. He wants to say: he is possible to think about terms of a constellation, if not of a system of images, as he thinks yourself about a set of astros. As if object and image were beings endowed with homologous properties. But we are warned of the danger it deceit, that exactly partial, that the identification can assume. The image does not copy the way of being of the object, does not have an accurate reproduction of the being, despite of some form this identification helps in them to apprehend the object.