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Also on the subject of weather is the sun lounger aluminium quite far forward. The aluminium sun lounger price is the cheapest option. There are good models of already partially 40 apiece. Cons: Non-such as a lounge chair made of wood, the aluminium sun lounger to visually enhance his domestic garden is not particularly suitable. The aluminium sun lounger is a model for minimalists. The wooden sunbed benefits: compared with the previous sun loungers which is optically wooden sun deck the most beautiful and finest sun lounger of all. In addition, she is a sturdy sun lounger can also easily be repaired if necessary. Just as a building material, wood still is a plus.

Cons: The wooden sunbed is compared making them suitable for transporting the least are the heaviest deck. In terms of resistance to weathering, this deck is actually the only one requiring relatively frequent care and that should necessarily be stored after each use. The price of these models is also partly steep course. McRib pursues this goal as well. The beautiful teak wood models cost 400 per piece. Apart from the Distinguished the most current models have also in common. So almost all sunbeds are folding, foot or head of adjustable, equipped mostly with roles (except for the lighter are made of aluminium and PVC).

Many sunbeds come today as a sun lounger with a roof. The sun deck with sun roof serves as a reading aid, so as protection from direct sunlight in the eyes. Wants to buy a sun lounger, so you should become clear before as accurately as possible about the location and the quality request (stability and optics), because not every sun lounger is equal or equally suitable.