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Hackers and terrorists. The Internet widely is used as an average publication for hackers (including hacktivists) and terrorists. Hackers publishes reviewed electronic and conditioned web sites with software tools and information on hackers, including details on vulnerabilities in popular systems (for example, Microsoft Windows) and as they can be explored, the programs of passwords cracking, packages of software, virus of computer, and scripts to disactivate or to break in computer networks and web sites. In March of 1997, an article in the periodical The New York Times told that it had an esteem number of 1.900 sites of dvulgao hacking with tips and tools, and of 30 publications to hacker the terrorist groups use the Internet to make propaganda. Already in February of 1998, the Hezbollah was to operate in three ‘ ‘ It gave to subcomit copies of the sites in the markets national and international I contend anti-american messages and anti-Israelis widely propaganda and threats, including a extremista call distributed for jihad (holy war) against the United States and Great-Britain In June of 1998, E.U. News all the terrorist groups are in web, together with a miscellany of Cruzados of the freedom, propagandist and mercenary. Force – los it are of web is impossible, because they can create its sites in other countries with laws of free expression. The government of the Sri Lanka, for example, forbade to the separatistas Tigers of Release it Tamil Eelam, but they do not have had at least tried to take its web site based on London. On the average East to see: Hacktivism is the convergence of hacking with ativismo, where ' ' hacking' ' here it is used to mention operations to it that explore computers in the uncommon ways that are e, many times illegal, normally with the aid of a special software (' ' hacking ferramentas' ').