The Royal Road

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Considering finally that the success seekers like to assume these additional benefits, although they would solve the matter because of their tasks, the uselessness of such measures will be visible. At the Misserfolgsvermeidern, the motivation must be so strong that the fear of failure be overcompensated. But what helps really people to move (motivate)? Follow the latest findings of Neurobiology, then people are learning and performance in old age. Requirement is to develop potential that people are excited and want to learn. Leaders who can inspire, encourage people to create the conditions”can make a previously unknown way. That requires a healthy degree of social competence and the love of the people for the executives.

Love and trust give, but only if we ourselves trust and love. The Royal Road in the personnel management is encouragement instead of motivation. Encouragement is there where the employee solve the task alone won’t continue. He then needed the decisive impulse for the next step to develop the solution later alone. Figuratively speaking: they envision, they had a number of rotors is turning. You need to realize when a rotor turns slower and threatens to tip over. Here, then, they should put the appropriate kick-off/pulse, so resumed the normal rotation. In the following an overview of necessary condition for encouraging management to succeed: self acceptance or love yourself: as a leader I have to like myself, as a man who is OK and is located on the way to learn the properties/deficits, which lacks to the success,.

Only when I accept it for me, I can care for my employees as a human being and not only for the results of his work. Love your employees / the People: Heed that mistakes are always detours to the target and the prerequisite for growth. Check whether you’ve given the statement so clearly that the employees could understand them.