The Spouse

2019-01-06 - 07:48 | News | Tags: |

There is frost-bitten husbands who do not care or do not know the spouse knows about his adventures on the left. Such men I personally have always resented. But I do not understand women, allowing not only to respect but also wipe her feet. One my friend with a sort of masochistic pleasure from the words of the husband tells the astonished friends, where, when, how and how many times he went to the left. If a woman knows what tomorrow may bring her husband some venereal reward for deeds on the side and just so enjoyed the whole life together a condom, it means that this woman does not deserve the attention, at least mine. I was most worried about relationships in families where men 'Respectful' attitude to their supruzhnitsam not hurt family home news about changes in appearance and a reputation for being honest and a very happy husband.

That is why these men tend not to find yourself a mistress, and sometimes shoot Girls on a call? Mistress – is as much a wife, if anyone wants to argue, let zavedet first mistress, live enough, then discusses. Mistress – it's the same mental strength is the danger of exposing hundreds of times higher than exposure of infidelity with a prostitute, it's more expensive (the good spirits and a decent bunch of flowers is the sum of several trips to a prostitute), is the ability to be 'always in shape' and much more. Wrong are those who believes that a prostitute for men only tool for resting the body.