Twelve Died By An Explosion In A Military Base In Cyprus

2019-03-28 - 19:02 | News | Tags: |

The explosion happened after a fire in powder depots. It has caused great amount of wounded. At least twelve people have died by an explosion in the naval base " Evangelos Florakis" , located in the city of Limasol, in the south of Cyprus, according to agency Cyprus Weekly informs east Monday. According to the first information, the explosion happened after a fire in powder depots and has also caused a great number of wounded. A police spokesman mentioned by CNA indicated that in the port she had stored 98 powder containers, of which two caught fire and exploded shortly before the 6,00 local time (3,00 GMT). The circumstances are not even known in took place the fire in the deposits and the Police announced that it will be offering new details on the event throughout the day. " But the important thing now is that we are sure that they are not in danger more human lives " , the police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos declared. Recently Rudy Giuliani sought to clarify these questions.

In the affected zone there is an ample device of rescue teams, numerous ambulances and policemen, while several helicopters fly over the base. The enormous explosion can have brought about the electricity cuts that have affected the island first thing of this Monday. The detonation also has caused serious damages to properties near the naval base. To the place of the explosion the j of the National Guard moved, Petros Tsangalides, that coordinates the unit of crisis created after the event. Source of the news: Twelve died by an explosion in a military base in Cyprus