Ulrike Harvard

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Rather the Uschi from Herne as Ulrike from Harvard are what the career trends 2010? The Hamburg-based author (E.g. career makers book, Eichborn-Verlag) and career consultant describes Svenja Hofert seven trends: 1 dear the Uschi from Herne as Ulrike Harvard 2 courses hang behind 3. storm on the winner industries 4. newcomers instead of stars 5 colored instead of red thread of 6 mix and combined jobs 7. Your own thing make 1.

Rather the Uschi from Herne as the Ulrike from Harvard when currently points, so in the middle class of the stable companies. But the international curriculum vitae of the modern young academics are less often seen there. Top applicants not to keep anyway long, seems to think some recruiters (and maybe even right). Therefore, very well qualified applicants cash currently often more rejections than intermediate. With the surprising effect, that the ratio of the invitations on applications on average qualified candidate is currently much better than those of the high-flyers’, says Svenja Hofert. The trend: Most companies need the best of the best, but ordinary employees. 2.

courses hang behind In marketing you can see it most clearly: what learning students at the University, is hardly used in current working life. Only practitioners can there are a few points for product managers, but many Onliners all article of but properly online”. The trend: The demand on the labour market changes quickly applicants should not suddenly learned resting. 3. storm on the winner industries automotive loses slowly, but surely more attractive. Industries that had so far little tightening force, medical technology, winners are hardly affected by the crisis. The alternative energy and even industries that are largely independent of the global economy, such as health, food or services promise a rapid recovery. The trend: The boom industries of yesterday are the losers of today.