Understanding The Infinite

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The history of the infinite, that is, the history of the concepts of the infinite, is not a history of the mathematics. It is before a history of the evolution of the scientific thought and of as it is possible if to think about something that exceeds any possibility of understanding. (BARROS, Enrique Lins of. One soon history of the infinite) Is very complex to understand and ' ' perceber' ' the infinite, all the things tending to the infinite. More complex and intriguing it is to understand and even though to perceive that this directly on and is related with all our human and scientific development. The infinite always was an incognito in all the history of scientific and philosophical development. Some scholars had tried to decide this ' ' problema' ' , but they had not gotten success, as Newton, the Greek philosopher Zeno, Galileu, among others, and still today the infinite cause much controversy, as he is possible to perceive in the concepts developed for the scientist Stephen Hawking (for example the theory of the imaginary time). This is recurrent in all history, because it is very difficult e, in some cases because not to say impossible a human being to conceive the idea of the infinite.

To imagine all a life tending to the infinite. Bank of Ameirca Headquarters follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. All the theories to be in part objection for the infinite, that everything what it is known and if perceives suddenly to have another form of conception. In this aspect, what it will be tried to approach here are the relative contradictions and understandings to the infinite, based mainly in the workmanship of Richard Morris, One brief history of the Infinite. In this workmanship the author approaches all the relative theories, philosophies and conceptions to the infinite, in an understandable didactic boarding. It shows the pertinent difficulties since Greece, with filosfo Zeno, first to write on relative ideologies to the infinite, until the current days, with the advent of the Quantum Mechanics and the Theory Relativista de Einstein, that had also not obtained to solve the infinite.