United Kingdom

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The wave of disturbances has summoned up four lives and has motivated 1,094 haltings. The Police could resort to guns of water and rubber bullets. Keys to understand the big wave of street violence in the United Kingdom. A violence without precedents " contundente&quot deserves an answer; . Thus creates British prime minister, David Cameron, that has promised to stop the sooner the wave of disturbances that maintains in vilo to the United Kingdom and that, until now, has summoned up four lives and has motivated 1,094 haltings. The j of the Executive returned in the morning to meet east Wednesday with its Cabinet of crisis to evaluate the magnitude of disturbances whose intensity is handicapped considerably in London while it has affected with more virulence other English cities. The most harmed it has been Manchester, that experienced east Tuesday " levels of violence and delinquency without precedentes" in its streets that took to 113 haltings, according to data of the Police, that informed into which some of the causes were young of 15 years.

In the area of Manchester, where it is included suburb of Salford, vehicles and commerce caught fire, that was sacked by groups of agitators, the majority adolescent hooded. Between the points that have been white of vandalic actions it emphasizes the city of Liverpool, to the north of England, where there were 50 haltings, and the zone of West Midlands, with 163 prisoners, 109 of them in Birmingham. In that city of the center of England three Asian men among 20 and 31 years, two of brother them, passed away after being run over by a vehicle that attacked against a group that tried to avoid sackings in the commerce. A man of 32 years was stopped and is being investigated by the police under murder suspicion. Calm in London the virulence of those acts contrasted with a relative and generalized calm in the streets of London in the last hours, where an unfolding of 16,000 agents managed to maintain under control to the capital during the last night.