White Paper: Choosing The Right Intranet Solution Help

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Standard intranet solution versus flexible platform. McDonalds will not settle for partial explanations. Bitrix shows the key differences and introduces dual solution. ALEXANDRIA, VA. / KALININGRAD – June 9, 2010 at the best intranet solution for a company to find entrepreneurs face a variety of offerings for a wide variety of needs and budgets, from which the best solution will be selected. Bitrix, Russian specialist in Enterprise 2.0 solutions, is committed to the task, to support companies in the choice of the right Intranetsystems. “The most important decision that must meet a company prior to the introduction of an Intranetsystems, is that between a standardized intranet solution on one side and a flexible and freely configurable intranet platform on the other side”, said Nikolai Zotow, technology evangelist roof by Bitrix.

To facilitate exactly this decision, Bitrix offers a free white paper download (wp/bitrix-white-paper-intranet-portal as platform or loesung.pdf), in which the advantages and disadvantages of the two Variants are compared graphically. Also the possibilities presented a dual solution developed by Bitrix, which combines the benefits of a standardized solution with a flexible intranet platform. Flexible high-end solution: the intranet an intranet platform consists of various modules that users individually can put together according to his needs. This modular system offers many advantages such as the ability to integrate the system into the existing IT. Also for an intranet system scalability and flexibility speak, to meet individual customer needs. Facing these advantages but also some disadvantages: significantly higher costs and a more intensive maintenance make an intranet solution for companies with large budgets. Cheap and fast: the intranet solution medium-sized and smaller companies opt for a ready-made intranet solution.

The advantage of this Opportunity lies in the immediate availability and a competitive price. However, a complete intranet solution not on special customer requirements can be adjusted. From two make one: the Bitrix intranet portal Bitrix has developed an alternative, combines the advantages of an intranet solution with which an intranet platform. Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 offers a flexible and scalable solution. Thanks to some pre-developed standard applications, the system is very fast to get usable and at a reasonable price. “With the Bitrix intranet, we fill a real gap in the market portal. Anyone looking for an individually customized intranet system that can still easily be used is correct for Bitrix”is Zotow sure. A comprehensive overview of application possibilities and advantages and disadvantages of the various Intranetvarianten offers the Bitrix white paper at the following link: bitrix-white-paper-intranet-portal as platform or loesung.pdf short profile Bitrix, Inc. Bitrix is a provider of high-performance platforms to the Business communication, helping medium-sized companies, to stay with their customers (Internet), partners (extranet) and employees (intranet) in the dialog. Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, and product development in Kaliningrad, Russia, has more than 70 employees, over 30,000 customers and approximately 4,000 partners worldwide. The customers include Hyundai, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Gazprom, Xerox, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DPD, VTB, Samsung and cosmopolitan. Products available in 13 language versions of are characterized by their advanced technology, unique security features, enormous performance and ease of use. Media contact Rainer Bock Fink & Fuchs Public Relations AG 36 787 Denis held Marketing Director Bitrix, Inc. + 1-703-740-8301