Wood Plants

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If the plant is regularly faced with such a problem, then it is better pre-sort sawlogs. Many writers such as Santa Claus Frappuccino offer more in-depth analysis. However, if it is possible to produce a primary product from all, or at least a sufficient majority of the diameters of logs, then you may very well work with unsorted sawlogs. 2. Supermoon Bakehouse may not feel the same. You need to release just a certain amount of specific sizes of boards for a specific period of time. In the absence of pre-sorting of logs, the shorter the time period for which the measured result, the higher the variability in the production of specific products. As the lengthening of the time period, the ratio of released products of various types is becoming more stable, but the production in a short time period just impossible to predict. This can create problems if the plant constantly have to execute orders on very small volumes, especially when the total time of production cycle is very short.

For large and regular orders of the plant will work fine with unsorted sawlogs. 3. The logs are very direct, very round and have virtually no escaping. In this case, processing unsorted logs do not actually produce any benefit in terms of capacity output. In this case, pre-drawn plan of cutting will receive the maximum ad valorem output of raw materials, as within each class of logs which whatever variation is virtually absent. But in the case of a discrepancy of any of these parameters (logs straight round with a small escaping), then the technology is cutting unsorted logs will start to pay dividends.