Write EBay Auction Title Strip

2015-12-04 - 10:41 | News | Tags: |

The sale of an item on eBay should be simple but it is surprising how many people make some very silly mistakes. As a buyer this is fantastic, you can pick up some absolute bargains by finding poorly listed items. However, if you are a seller needs to ensure that each element are put on eBay and therefore have a better chance of commanding a high price. Your auction title is really the most important part of the auction, after all, is this feature that attracts buyers to view its description. You have 55 characters that are used to attract contestants, try to use them all – it’s free and relevant keywords can be added, the search results of your auction will end in. For example: A list with the title ” Band of Brothers Region 2? 6 DVDs? UK Version? Mint “is likely to receive much more interest than one with the following title:” Band of Brothers DVD “Also, try to avoid writing the entire title in capital letters or use of related words such as “LK” and “WW”. This only annoys users of eBay and other rules of behavior is not good. Keyword spam never good.

You see this all the time on eBay, sellers add keywords unrelated to the title to their land auctions in the search results. The problem is that these keywords will not attract more offers, but simply to attract users who are looking for something completely different. If you include an auction for a Playstation 2, but not use the title “Playstation 2 Xbox Nintendo is not” going to attract people who are not looking for a Playstation 2. People simply are not looking for a PS2 will not buy one. Your time would be more useful to add relevant keywords for the title. “Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)? Holding Box – No Reserve” is a title much better.

Descriptive keywords as possible, try to include to attract bidders. Some good examples are: Rare, Mint, OOP (out of print), Low P & P, N or reserve or NR, Low Starting Price, Bid from 1p, Brand New, etc. Be sure to check the spelling of his title before the list below . This is easy to do if the title is written in Microsoft Word first. If you write an important keyword incorrectly will lose a large number of potential bidders. To make the title look more attractive, add a capital in front of all the most important keywords. “Microsoft Xbox – Mint in Box with 4 Games – No Reserve” seems more attractive and stands out more than “Microsoft Xbox – mint in box with 4 games – without reservation” If you are unsure of how best to write the title to try to find the topic under complete lists and see how others have done before. If your auctions have commanded high winning bids have worked so their titles. Do not be afraid to copy them.