Young Poets

2018-04-29 - 06:18 | News | Tags: , |

In our modern world there are still romantics who write poetry. Some do not even just her lover! Much to the dismay of many of them we have not seen and not heard their work. They do not show on television, not read on the radio, do not print in newspapers and magazines. Modern poets can be heard only in certain circles. And they can be found on the Internet. They are there so many.

Why modern poets do not print? Up to now publish bundles of old no one interesting authors, which under the lash read by children in schools. All of them we already know! Where new names? New faces! Give us the honor of new, young! With the new images with new views, ideals! And Youth will be interesting! In our country there are many talented young poets. We must help them break into the world. We can help them, if we read them, memorize their poems and talk to your friends, your family. After all, there are poems, that you can dedicate to my mother, my grandmother (and in fact it would be very nice to kind of attention).

Devote some beautiful verse of his girlfriend (and she is doubly pleased to be). Verse can be selected for any occasion. Under any mood. Under all weather conditions. Lyrical, sad, funny. Some poets write poetry, even a fairy tale. Your kids will be very happy to them. Anyone who finds poetry in itself … if there is plenty to choose from. Dear readers, fans poetry, read poetry, love poetry! After all, do not end with the same interests of the people on TV talk shows? Lyrics – this is the same music! Look for poetry on the Internet, attend poetry readings young poets. They will need enjoy! Support young talent!