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Aiud ANNIVERSARY ’40’ ASSOCIATION ASSISTANCE IN URUGUAY ITALIAN DINNER TO BENEFIT December 4, 2008 On the occasion of the anniversary of foundation 40 the Aiud, (Italian Association of Assistance in Uruguay), in auspices of the Italian Ambassador Dr. Guido Scalici and the Italian Consulate in Montevideo, we made a charity dinner at the Hotel del Prado is a charity evening was made possible by support from various Italian and Uruguayan companies, Fiat, Sevel, Dirox, BlueCross and BlueShield and La Favorita, which finance the costs of the event, thus ensuring that all proceeds from the sale of tickets, not entirely for the assistance of needy Italian citizens residing in Uruguay, as part of the new fundraising strategy initiated by the same welfare authorities, backed and promoted by the Consulate. The event theme was “Italian Music of the 60s ‘, so the officers were nominated with titles of the most famous melodies from the era, including’ Il Mondo ‘,’ Mambo Italiano ‘,’ Parole ‘,’ Abbronzatissima ‘and many other issues that marked this unforgettable decade. The gastronomic offer of the Hotel del Prado contemplate an instance of cocktail and snacks, accompanied by Campari, and a typical Italian dinner, which included a first course of ravioli ‘La Spezia’ pomarola the sauce, a second plate of pork loin with green salad and parmesan, and as close, the typical coffee with ‘Petit Tiramisu’. The wines of Bodega De Lucca graced the proposal. The live show was in charge of the prestigious Cardozo Nacho made a presentation of various musical portraits with the most typical subjects of the time, instance leading the guests to accompany the choreography and start dancing, which lasted until after midnight. At the end of it, is interesting raffle prizes donated by various sponsors of the event, which consisted Appliances, Travel, Accommodations at the Hotel Argentino de Piriapolis, at Club del Lago Hotel Punta del Este, Glasses Gucci and Armani, donation Zilomade company, Benetton’s new perfume, and several bottles of Campari, courtesy of Carrau and Co. Before leaving, the guests enjoyed the sweet table especially prepared by the Hotel del Prado, where they feasted on specialties typical Italian-Uruguayan .