Appearance Today

2019-03-18 - 00:33 | News | Tags: |

Beyond the Appearance Today I learned a lesson in my life. That to love it is that not to see the same appearance of somebody or to have a certain image of affinity with it. A man can have muscles, to make look like a young, strong aspect and illuminated, to have a good, full head of ideals, perspectives (that is, one he is not covered and useless one); he can even though have wonderful values and a different focus of the others its return, of the manipulated world, common, dry, cold and many times indifferent to the feelings of the heart. In this direction, they also idem to the feminine aspect. But, my friends, let us perceive a factor that the experience only can in them bring more light: that the love depends on an affection sensation that comes inside of a correspondence that already brings, in itself, a little of complicity (in the aspect most practical); in the direction most sentimental, a dream! Mind who says not to dream.

The passion thus seems to be born, but this not yet is love. Now, it understands: with it also the will of being able is born to be together, to suffer possible difficulties and to have the hot desire in the soul to correspond, to be worried and to understand who we like. Here, any game does not mean feeling pure. The correspondence fits at this moment. These characteristics seem to determine a relation that if supports, either with initial provaes or the uncertainties that we ourselves criminay we place, and go creating a gostoso, pleasant and faithful bond.