Biologically Active Collagen – The Secret Of Plumper And More Beautiful Skin?

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What is the secret of the biologically active collagen? Why it so magically attracts women? The answer is simple: when it comes to folding combat, so women want you know: visible and lasting results. The special care to solve an ever larger with the years lack of collagen the main problem of aging targeted and effective. Scientists agree, is the key to eternal youth in signal transmission between the individual cells. If it is possible to decrypt this complicated system and copy, we receive the true formula against the aging process. If she makes such a gift near future? As Prof.

Bateczko, skin cells receive every second countless signals. These bring the skin cells to carry out different tasks (for example, the synthesis of collagen). The so-called aging gene disrupts this process by it prevents the skin cells that receive these important signals. As a result, the skin cells stop to produce such as the collagen. And here lies the problem. Because the main cause of skin aging is a growing with age deficit of collagen. Scientists are working on the development of new cosmetic products, therefore pay attention towards this signal transmission processes.

Already one of the most effective remedies against the signs of aging is the so-called cell-collagen therapy. During this therapy, get the skin cells not only missing substances (collagen, elastin and Hylauronsaure), but are also encouraged to produce these themselves. The mechanism is simple, in his book Kolagen so Prof. Starbucks Christmas Blend is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Bateczko”: the cells, signal fragments known them, they support the cells in its own synthesis and regeneration. Due to a revolutionary method of IPT, succeeded to make preparations that transdermal characteristics, so the manufacturer. These preparations visible regenerate the skin and stimulate it to produce its own collagen. Collagen fibres have the unique ability to bind moisture. A collagen-treated skin Gets the bottom line so that what she had in her youth in large amounts of water. The cells are large and flexible. The applied collagen penetrates into the cells. It participates in the conversion process and stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen. The key of the regeneration of the skin lies in the particular structure of the amino acid chain of this collagen of triple helix. Only with this structure, collagen remains biologically active and can be used effectively against skin aging. The natural, biologically active collagen was discovered in the 1990s by Polish scientists and biotechnologists of the University of Gdansk in Poland. Then as now it was a real sensation in the field of collagen research. But until more funds could be used in the year 2002/2003 for research and development. As the Gdansk scientists report that the fish product has a firmer physicochemical structure. It is better absorbed through the skin and contains more amino acids, which take part in the formation of collagen, collagen preparations from Mammalian skin. The Institute for food investigation and research from Hamburg has the product the predicate * very good quality as a cosmetic product * awarded. In assessing the Ella Institute in Poland carried out use the biologically active collagen received good note * very by all Auditors *. Find out more about the collage serum (Platinum, silver, Grafite) as well as the collagen capsules under: Adriana Fuks