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When you buy 6 pounds, or the equivalent of 3 kilos, (in my country the pound weighs 500 grams), the total cost was $6,600 pesos. I then looked at the big package for 3 kilos and the surprise was that its value was $7.150 pesos, i.e. $550 more than If buy it individually. Does not seem contradictory? Assumes that if one buys in most presentations there must be an economic benefit, therefore not necessarily the case. I invite them to analyze it.

This phenomenon occurs with various products. Third: Do not trust always is with discount prices. On one occasion I saw a toilet with a special offer, product on the purchase of one, they gave away one of the same. Staff that takes the products on the shelf not complied with removing all previous submissions, which were displayed before you initiate the offer. As well, looking super bid and the previous presentation, I could note that the product before bid had cost $8500 pesos by packaging.

The super offer price was $11,900 pesos. Remember that the promotion was that by the purchase of 1 presented the other? If that were true the offer price should be $8,500 pesos, don’t you think them? Fourth and last for now: marketing is a Special topic, it enables companies to increase their sales in a high percentage, so that spends so much money on advertising. In questions of marketing, specifically talking about supermarkets, some companies paid money to the store so that their products are located in the best spot on the Bookshelf. If you look at the shelves well, you will see the same product but other cheaper brands on shelves above or close to the floor, i.e. where is not easy to locate them. Generally speaking, these products can offer a better price. Another case that usually happens, is that at some chain stores, not all items are marked with the price, only that they want to sell at that time have the ticket. Many people, by laziness to go to the code reader to find out the price, stop bringing a cheaper product by the mere fact of not having the ticket. Like this if you have it, I have it. This is not the fault of the product, it is a way to sell you what they want. I hope to be able to contribute something to your personal finances. If you want to contact me and find out about residual income, positive attitude or personal finance, you can login to my blog: or write to me at mail. Original author and source of the article