2019-04-02 - 20:33 | News |

Few topics in the life of the person are so significant and profound learning that those who mark the person in his being, his feelings and his act. Put into play our own existence when he is internalizing, when he reflects with mindfulness, when we know that our being is spirit. If we are aware of our reality, the circumstances are complex, levels of consciousness are very diverse, in the journal live, the journal relate socially generated us of Concord and conflict situations but if we are aware of our circumstances we have many possible solutions. It must be love always in educational thinking with attitudes and postures we assume opposite students and in general to all persons that surround us since we are assuming against others of the divine nature. But to understand this true love of education have to correctly understand the nature of our relationship with others, of how flowed and flows to our being in this world, and flows precisely there, in our being and mystery of our own existence.

There are many men and women on this planet who are in communion to make this world a better world, where you can trust in others, where through a spiritual consciousness first we understand ourselves to be able to modify and understand what surrounds us. During the courses holistas have seen as the spirituality that is an individual experience is also the direct experience of our universal being, and through which we recognize the magnificence of life. One of the fundamental bases that holism is the ciencia-espiritualidad connection, which is the way as educators we can formally influencing our professional work and work transdisciplinariamente and actually learning aware that desperately need our institutions and our society can generate. If we succeed in reaching a peace, if we can really pacify our minds, our thoughts do not allow the suffering can therefore be in a State of profound peace.