Docker Sokoban

2019-04-02 - 03:49 | News |

Have you ever seen people working in the construction of buildings or in ports? Supposedly his work is considered well boring and monotonous but that new Docker Sokoban online game offers you to take a look at their activities from another angle and maybe change his mind imagines that you have hired to complete urgent work in the port. Put on your uniform and hurry to start your job duties! Your goal in this free online game is to move the load board towards places needed. They grant you a forklift that you have to learn how to use during the day. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys. There are three types of objects that you must push and put together in relevant rows: wooden crates, metal barrels and large coils. When you approach the object, hold it and drag it to a desired location. Probably not easy at first, but you’ll be learning fast in this online game! Use the space bar or button to undo at the bottom left for go back and delete the step.

Press R to restart the level, Esc to return to the menu and P to pause the game. If in any doubt you can open a tutorial whose link is also located on the website. But think carefully before moving objects because but can reach an impasse without output. Docker Sokoban have a dynamic animation and a cheerful and lively melody of a popular song. Definitely you’ll love! This clever puzzle game offers a lot of sophisticated tasks which stimulate your brain activities and train the logical thinking. Would you dare to try? Later, the puzzle of the port are waiting for you! Original author and source of the article.