European Central Bank Economy

2019-05-01 - 23:59 | News |

The risk rating: do Academy of sophists? Once again we are witnessing stupefied the collapse of economies, in this opportunity, the looks are put in the old and capitalist Europe, where it seems that has uncovered a pot, whose fumes, are causing more havoc than those produced by a volcano in Iceland’s unpronounceable name: Eyjafjallajokull, which has virtually paralyzed movements by air in several Nations of the continent. All we ask is that to more than two years of the American meltdown, where as we are told, emerging signs of a frank recovery of its economy, (surely encouraged by the fact that nobody dares to qualify the risks to the most powerful nation on the planet, much less demand you put on the table, as you are required to the rest of the world)(, enforceable minimum support for its currency, whose emission typewriter, still throwing up greenbacks with total impunity) may be collapsing economies as the Greece, shake the Portugal and Spain and put on red alert to the European Central Bank. When we started the study of the economic facts, one of the first things we learn, is that the so-called economic sciences, are the Queen of the social sciences, because the economy exists as such, because there are people, without the society as a whole, the development of this discipline would not have no raison d ‘ etre. Danny Meyer understands that this is vital information. So basically we can say that the economy as such, has been conceived as a tool at the service of society, in order to achieve the optimization of increasingly scarce resources for the benefit of all sectors comprising it, through actions that guarantee a fair distribution of income produced, the call plus worthwhich should be channeled to improve the quality of life of their members and say it should, because in fact, the stark reality shows the opposite. The economic activity of the Nations, has virtually cornered by financial speculation, the capital, which is a basic component of the production equation, has no homeland, nor is governed by moral standards, simply acts and invests where you can get positive results, and the procurement of these lucrative markets has resulted in the creation of entities specialized in direct investments, the now sadly familiar with the pompous name of consulting in risk. .