Food Production

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The current system of food production has a significant paper noimpacto of our environment. Damages these that are identified throughout all chain of production: agricultural production, food transformation, distribution, commerce econsumo. Source: LANG, T; BARLING, D; CARAHER, M. Food Policy. Integrating health, environment and society. Oxford: New York, 2009. P.

186-196 Co2: carbon dioxide N2O: nitrous oxide NH4: ammonium CH4: Insumo methane Activity ecological ambient Impacts/ecological ambient Pressure/ecological Fertilizers Applications in the harvest and horticulture Nitrates in the passage of the water Loss in the fetilidade of the ground ammonia Emissions: acidificao and acid rain To the oil base Depletion of the aquatic ecosystem and fish. Pollution of air Used Pesticides in the harvest and horticulture; in the preservation of foods in water. Derived oil Loss of biodiversity. Maquinrio Tractor, harvester, etc. Emissions of CO2* Compacting of the ground To the oil base and diesel Contribui them climatic changes To cultivate the land Farming, culture Emissions of N2O* Loss of the capacity of the land to hold back water To the oil base Contribute for the climatic changes Grass and or insumos animal Production Excess of pasturing and change in the use of the land: loss of biodiversity Emissions of CH4 Compacting of the ground Destruction of habitats natural including forests, matos and shrubs. Deforestation Deforestation for agriculture Loss of biodiversity Loss of the carbon deposit Loss of the landscape Loss of main forest ecosystems Water water Captation and irrigation for culture Depletion of sheet d /Pollutant Co2 emissions Land Contribution for the climatic changes Refrigeration in all stages All stages Emissions of effect gases greenhouse Energy to the oil base Contribution for the climatic changes Water All stages Use d water residual Waters Water incorporated in alimentary products Impact in the natural sources of of water Pollution d but mainly meals and domestic use Use of energy food Residues Residues of packings Depletion of the petroliferous reserves Contribution for the climatic changes.