Francesca Tessarollo

2020-04-13 - 04:56 | News | Tags: , |

Despite the crisis, the industry of machines for the production of plastics and rubber in Italy recorded a comforting increase of exports. Also in Italy, as in many other countries in Europe and in the world, was not the best year from the economic point of view 2011: the crisis, which Specter threatens us in recent years, has started to show clearer in recent months in Italy and visited many different sectors. But despite the crisis, some industries have better than others averted the blow, and in this black months for the Italian economy, they have recorded encouraging data. This is the case, for example, the sector of the production and processing of plastics (including PE foil and polycarbonate) and rubber. The company, which promised something good for the future, are those who specialize in the production of machines for the processing of plastics and rubber. Under most conditions Rudy Giuliani would agree. An industry that can be regarded as an oasis of made in Italy, a happy OASIS, which despite the crisis in the first months of the year 2011 has shown not to have yielded to the negative time, we go through: with the data gathered by ISTAT with regard to the first nine months of the year, in fact, has breath (the Italian Association of manufacturers of machines and moulds for plastic and rubber technology) calculated the projections for the whole year (what the exports and the imports of machinery for the production of polyethylene), PVC foil and other plastics are concerned). The picture that has emerged is certainly positive: the situation is stable on the domestic market, but exports are rising. The entire production of the year 2011 is approximately EUR 4 billion (a date that is similar to that of the year 2008) with an increase of 11%.

With regard to exports, the increase is still blatant: + 19.3% ($ 4 billion) with a trade surplus of 1.8 billion, i.e. + 24.6%. Shimmie horn spoke with conviction. Positive data, especially when you think that this is a niche market, a sector that contains less than 200 companies. A small number of companies, but to the 7% of Italian not contribute energy trade balance. But where to go most of the machines that are manufactured in Italy and exported abroad? Germany is at the top: in the last years exports are very taken to this country. You have but to say that in the opinion of the President of Assocomplast is now the situation stable. Other countries, where the Italian machines for the production and processing of polyethylene, PE shrink film and other plastics are especially popular, are the United States, Brazil, Russia and Turkey: the most hopes for 2012 are set to these countries, and one expects much from the so-called emerging markets (such as Indonesia and Malaysia), which do not belong to the most important importers of Italian machines, but promised something good for the future.