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Fairy tale about Napoleon, which is written in Verkhoturye County village priest Lyalinskogo Peter Slovtsov in 1848. Published in 'Notes and P Geographical Society in the department of ethnography', that first, in 1867, with. 655-659. Published by us the original, preserved in the archives and P Geographical Society (manuscript XXIX, 22) in the 'Notes' Geographical Society saved, not all features of the local dialect, reflected in the records of Slovtsov, there are some omissions and some stylistic changes. P. Slovtsov reported that he had twice heard this tale 'about the cause of the war of 1812', from their parishioners, the two old men, the narrators felt that this story true to the actual events. 1.

French vosudar Paleon was strong and powerful man, obsessed, and many vosudarstvam, envying the life of our father blagochestlivoy vosudarya Oleksandr Pavlovich, was planned to go to the evo and the war, but did not dare napustitsya simple – pervonachelno wrote him, sir, gramotku such: 'Rusko Oleksandr P. King! I know that you are strong and all the rich, but I there are twelve enaralov – whether you feed them a whole year of a silver dish to the samovar, cups, spoons, knives and forks, and all that you have had a silver? when to feed, duck I'm with you I will never live peacefully and with you I will not fight, if not feed, I am now well on you go War. King Oleksandr Pavlovich read this thoughtful and gramotku. The next day he called to his mercy all the senators and their main enaralov and told them the French Paleona gramotku 'Vospoda mine, the principal senators and enaraly! Here we wrote chevo French king Paleon, and doth advise chevo we will do with it? " Some said not to take the French enaralov to their food, while others talked to, all together at last decided that they be adopted.