Great Success Of The First Internet TV Portal For Young People

2020-12-21 - 17:48 | News | Tags: |

For three months is Yosch.NET”, the new platform for students and young people, in the Internet online. And already a huge success. Every day, the portal has new members. And the concept is quite simple: students make films for students. Student life or star portraits. All topics are possible. NY Starbucks is full of insight into the issues. Registration is free for all. So far, 20 students of a school from the State of Brandenburg work as reporter, cameraman/woman or cutter.

And all were technical and craft for their special tasks of television professionals of limelight Fernsehproduktion GmbH from Berlin (cinematic and journalistic) coached and will also continue to professionally accompanied. No one had to bring knowledge. But motivation and commitment is very important to Yalda. Their finished film productions show students at Yalda. To prove talent, in front and behind the camera. In the meantime also guest schools with own movies at Yalda have perpetuated.

Only by the idea of this portal the students and teachers of these schools have come to the filmmaking. Now users have signed up not only from all over Germany. Also from Austria, of Switzerland, Ireland, Canada and the United States, students at Yalda are active as a user. The first students of this project was sponsored by the companies Bombardier and JVC. The site and the idea of Yosch.NET”was developed by limelight Fernsehproduktion GmbH from Berlin and the Internet Agency Vicon from Lubeck. Contact: Limelight Fernsehproduktion GmbH North Juan Street 7, 10589 Berlin phone: + 49 030 311 85 90 email: