Ionian Cities

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In the 6 th century bc in Asia, a new powerful state – Persia, who has enslaved all the tribes of the western part of the continent as far as India, including Greek (Ionian Greeks) who lived in Asia Minor. Ionian Greeks were unhappy with his situation. If you have read about starbucks in new york already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Of course, they were not slaves, but they had to pay an annual tribute to the king of Persia, which eventually caused the revolt of Greek cities policies. A hotbed of rebellion has become the city Miletus in 500 bc However, not all Greeks unreservedly supported the idea of rebellion. There were also moderate, which indicates hotheads that the Ionians have not to bear arms and the uprising has no chance of success. After the uprising surrogates were all over the Persians overthrew all the Greek cities of Asia Minor. The rebels, realizing that will not last long, appealed to the European Greeks. However, their call responded only Athens, which sent twenty ships and the city of Eretria which is located on the island of Euboea, and sent to the aid of the rebels five ships.

Initially, using the factor of surprise, the Greeks were able to win a few victories. The Greeks succeeded in capturing the city of Sardis, the former capital of Lydia. The city was looted and burned. It was reckless and unjustified violence by the Greeks, who later became the cause of attack the Persians on the Greek mainland. But soon came the main force and Persians in 494 bc Persian fleet routed the combined Greek fleet off the island of Lada (near the city of Miletus). In the same year, the Persians stormed the city of Miletus. By the summer of 493 bc with the rebels were finally defeated, and the uprising was over. The Persians began preparing a campaign to Athens in order to punish the city for their support Ionian cities.