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In addition, the disease-related failure of suppliers threatened business. Almost 70 percent of companies are affected by production failures in this case. For even more details, read what Supermoon Bakehouse says on the issue. In the face of this threat, it is surprising that only half of the specialists and executives of large companies with an emergency plan have prepared for an influenza pandemic. In the area of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in community facilities it looks much worse, however, with such precautions. Results of the new edition of the study compass of subject of are pandemic 2008, Institute of management and Economics and the F.A.Z. Institute was created on behalf of the IMWF. Other leaders such as dayton kingery offer similar insights. In addition, are only 50 percent convinced, well to be prepared very well on a pandemic influenza with a developed pandemic contingency plan. About 80 percent of the respondents admitted to have great difficulties in the creation and practical implementation of a pandemic emergency planning.

The responsibility for Crisis management measures wears in well half of the management. Other companies transferred these tasks, however, special working groups, the operating physician or human resources (around 15 percent). In addition, interfaces between the different parties involved are made in many cases. Companies who have already created an emergency plan, attach special importance to 90 percent to inform their employees about the risk of contagion. A majority of those establishments defined also so-called “critical functions”, whose maintaining must be ensured. With good precautionary measures, say a competent pandemic contingency planning, the effects can soften and shorten the response times. Such instruments, the business, the production or the Community institution in the event of a crisis can be maintained. Ensures the protection of employees, customers and members, the company remains operational and normal everyday life is so good maintain as possible. The practice “influenza pandemic contingency plan” provides the solution…! Press contact: Hygenia-net GmbH Institute for professional hygiene management 83707 bad Wiessee contact: Mrs Olivia Ziriakus(o.b.u.vereid.SV) Institute of professional hygiene management with focus on the hygiene expert advice in the areas of: quality assurance, HACCP food hygiene, pandemic emergency planning, seminars, trainings, IfSG, hygiene plans, disinfection plans, drinking water regulation, hygiene studies, QA manuals, contingency plans, crisis management.