Native Americans

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What is the ball, they know everything. What the balls are in the world – also the question for most is not to fill. Although all the balls without exception called surprising. Many will remember the first thing a football, many people – basketball, volleyball, tennis … And so on – the fading popularity of the game worldwide. Ball to play lacrosse call a few, mostly – the people of Canada and the USA. It is believed that white people have learned this game from the Algonquin Indian tribe. It is possible that Native Americans themselves invented lacrosse.

At the same time, the game remarkably similar to the ancient Norse game 'knettleykr'. In the language of the Algonquin so many obvious borrowings from the Norwegian language, there is no no doubt that the ancient Vikings in the 10th century landed on the shores of North America, have taught the locals, including, perhaps, a game of ball. One way or another ball game the Indians used to prepare soldiers, and even to replace the war between the tribes. There were cases where military operations were replaced by the game between the teams of several hundred people on the field size from a few hundred meters to several kilometers. Conflicts solved in such cases without bloodshed in favor of the winning team in the game.

In the play lacrosse stick – a kind of cross between a putter and nets (Fr. la crosse – hockey stick"). What is the goal for the Japanese game kemari (foot ball), nowadays, even in Japan told not all. Once upon a time – in the 8th century – in kemari played only noble people. Balls were made of deer's leather and not decorated as important was not the ball and player movement, hitting him on his feet. Kemari gradually turned into a temari (Handball) and became a fine game for girls of noble families. Since then, the ball game quickly began to turn into art the ball. Competed to see who will decorate the ball more rich and fine-spun embroidered with multicolored silk. The dispute about where the football appeared reduced to discussing arhleologicheskih findings. The oldest image of a ball game down and found in Egypt belongs to 3500 BC. This does not mean that the ball is not kicked feet before, somewhere in another corner of the planet. By the way, found in Egypt, the earliest images play with the ball on the grass, palm-sticks. No matter where home football or hockey, it's important, where to buy a soccer ball, meets the all the requirements of the modern game. Incidentally, the oldest image of a leather ball sewn from separate wedges of skin found on the island of Samothrace in the Aegean Sea on clay tablets belonging to 2500 BC. Oe. Sports equipment