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And in London and New York bankers jokes about a new ultimatum: 'Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai or' Goodbye '. Here are a few tips for those who have recently moved to another country or going to do it soon, as exiles from themselves and from experts adaptation of migrants. Fight depression Be prepared for the fact that due to ignorance of the features of daily life at first you will feel depressed and may even become depressed. 'A month after the move when the signs of satiety country people think they are crazy – says Rachel Hall, an employee of Paragon Relocation Holland. – And if at home go to the post for you no problem, then in a foreign country are subject to other laws. Suppose you brought the wrong papers, and you may need to run a few times back and forth to send the parcel. You feel stupid, angry.

These little things at every turn just harassed. " In each their country zamorochki. In Germany, hard to find a kindergarten. In the Netherlands it is not so easy to order ready-made meal delivery. In the U.S., in the absence of an American credit history you may refuse to issue credit cards, which means that you practically can not exist. To survive in the new place, bring your as much of official documents and use the services of agents in international travel, especially if those costs you covered by the employer. Such professionals can all – for example, to register your rental housing in their own name or to comfort you while you are crying, sitting at a rented kitchen table.