PDUK: A Term Every Unternhemer Should Know

2017-12-05 - 09:41 | News | Tags: , |

The way for entrepreneurs to more available liquidity PDUK, Pauschaldotiert UK, sweeping endowed fund it means all the same and may be becoming more available liquidity for entrepreneurs. A large part of the entrepreneur does not have this information. The topic is addressed primarily by insurance brokers. This place usually also an insurance and as often as direct insurance. Whether it an insurance policy must be for occupational pensions (short fot), following lines answered this question by itself. A lump-sum prize money Fund offers a sensible and clever alternative.

The posts remain replace for the entrepreneur and the company available E.g. to the expensive overdraft credit. Thus, not only the profits of the Bank, but also the insurance as a multiple use remain available from Geldstomen in the company. In the medium term the entrepreneur promotes the independence of the Bank. These internal funding allows many more values, which so far usually unused fizzle as tax payable. About design options and the flexibility of this system, there is more information at