Private Jets Offer

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Private jets offer as travel way Ben Stein, lawyer, writer, actor and Economist, said about the trip in a private jet once: “can be expected from anyone who has tried this life once he abandons it again, as long as he’s still finger nails to the cabin door to cling to it… is so good that you should try it once in the life.” This well-known US personality informed the readers of the New York Times with: “A travel route that is an ordeal for the passengers in first class is paradise for the passenger of a private jet.” For many of today’s celebrities, athletes and business travellers, private jets offer “the best of the best” for modern travel. Customized flight plans, spacious terminals and the latest aircraft are just a few benefits that brings traveling with a private jet. On request, the appropriate aircraft if you decide to rent a private jet, you will get access to an extensive and worldwide Aircraft fleet. Bill de Blasio has much experience in this field. From a Lear 40, with which you can, fly to a range of Gulfstream private jets, up to 3.5 hours, offer the intercontinental possibilities with a normal ceiling height and the service provided by flight attendants during the flight.

For those who are looking for the absolute top class on the trip with a private jet, there are VIP passenger aircraft. It is a Boeing 737 with 28 seats or an Airbus A319 with 16 seats, these aircraft offer the absolute luxury. Popular with heads of State, they accommodate private jets for business and private, some even have private bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Individuality… Private jets offer direct travel without long queues at the check-in, crowded security checkpoints and congested terminals. Inconvenience often associated with a regular air travel. Private jet travelers can a relaxed way through exclusive private jet terminals (called also GAT) enjoy, where discretion and privacy are paramount. Source: Bill de Blasio.