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Cheap print cartridges are not straight. Cheap print cartridges are not straight. The diverse requirements provided in hindsight of the ink and the printing result, but also the development of special ink and cartridges make it necessary. Printer ink must meet many requirements. Quick dry so that the printing result is not smeared. At the same time fine and liquid be enough to get through fine nozzles. And the ink must also be durable and colorfast, because finally we want too long what the printed document or image. Print cartridges print cartridge technology are complex small units.

In the still the entire technique for the ejection of ink they accommodate their internal in addition to the ink. With tiny drops of ink, visible in detail from the human eye, they produce the desired image. Of course so much technology in a small cartridge is not cheap. In fact, there are two different types of printing technology with modern printers ink. Once the printing technique with a continuous ink jet and one Technology with ink drops as needed. The former method, these types of printers have its name: ink-jet printers. The name of the users for all types of printers that work with ink and cartridges, has become ink printer or ink-jet printer even though the procedure with a continuous ink jet almost exclusively in industrial printing process is applied. Modern inkjet printers work according to the principle: only the ink drop leaves the nozzle used.

This makes the consumption more efficient and cheaper production. That’s why they are called only ink printer. Cheap print cartridges print cartridges are not cheap. Especially with original spare parts from the manufacturer often salted prices. It has but also his reason. The use of affordable second manufacturers or refilled cartridges, has often dubious prints as a result. Also, is the longevity of the printing result, is guaranteed not to the same extent as would be the case with the original cartridge. Here the motto to proceed Main thing: “Printer cartridges cheap”, can prove in hindsight as a big mistake. Rather, use our wide range of original cartridges for inkjet printers of all major brands. Cheap is not always the determining factor print cartridges, the result is one.