The Presence

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What APpears to me at least as a convergence movement, so has the presumed direction. Other leaders such as Josh Harris offer similar insights. But when NaheREM look so it’s probably more advisable to restrict any attempt, to define the divine principle, to classify, to fit into a scheme or image, to contain a definite narrowing. As with the Dogmatizing ultimately our way of knowing the divine in themselves as individual is reduced to a minimum, if not even just that this is impossible. To know God, the divine principle truly to begegnen, need to be a release of all stifling images a devotion which strives to counteract without expectation of God’s revelation. And even if it is difficult for us to accept this, it’s us at any time all available, what we need for a God experience, and in particular earthly conditions are all in this regard fully conducive. In earthly conditions, which are based on duality and limitation, we experience a reality, which makes possible to experience good and evil, health and illness, life and death, although however attributes of God are not this, but allow us the polarities in their midst”to find our Center and to encounter God.

God is neither material, tangible, limited mortal yet part of a larger whole, which sozusagen in turn would give legitimate existence of the supposed antagonist, dual. But we can learn it consciously yet in all material and non-material. God is infinite everlasting and everywhere, there is nothing other than God. Since this knowledge, this all pervading wisdom mean erLeben, my perception, my being penetrates, is experienced a freedom for me, which is indescribable, where even the word freedom as such is no longer applicable. As I mentioned above, it is the most radical change that I learned when I realized in this life, or better said than I suddenly in the world looked, and really nothing else saw as the presence of God, the gods and goddesses”.