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The industry of the tourism has not been free of the hard blow of the crisis, seeing itself affected world-wide level and having itself which had to take numerous measures. Example of these measures is the formulation of supplies, reduction of personnel, closing by season of hotels and many others more. Nevertheless, the different ministries or institutions in charge of the tourism have worsened their talents to remove to the air advertising campaigns that remain recorded in the mind of the tourist, being created thus tourist marks. These phrases or catchphrases have as aim to catch the attention of the tourist of fast form, waking up the interest of this, but letting simultaneously the intrigue want to know more on the destiny. Many are the catchphrases that have arisen, but we will present/display a small sample to them of catchphrases of countries of the Central American area and the environs here. Costa Rica This powerful Central American tourist destiny has taken as it marks tourist the motto Without Artificial Ingredients. This ingenious reflected catchphrase of impeccable form image that Costa Rica always has offered to the world; natural image of sustainability, wonders, tranquillity and ecology.

This phrase knows to catch of instantaneous form the interest of the traveler, since besides offering that image of echo-I destine wished, is a phrase that we observed daily in our lives. In addition, the Costa Rican Institute of Turismo (ICT) is working in an ingenious campaign of promotion, in which it is tried to put transfers of Costa Rica in dryers of hand in bars and restaurants of the city of New York, in which it is invited to escape of the cold and to come to feel the heat of Costa Rica. Panama Panama in the last years harnessed by exceptional a tourist administration, directed by the famous singer and actor Rubn Blades, has undergone a true tourist boom.